CFJ Rasindo

Comenditer Fhesagi Jaya Construction, Realty, Trading, Industry was established in 2007 as a securities company and listed on LPJK. CFJ developed into a media in 2007 and was officially domiciled in Lampung in 2013.

Currently, CFJ Group is a leading construction, investment group in Indonesia with several strategic businesses: Media, Construction Services, Trade, Entertainment, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Other E-Commerce & Digital. CFJ Group’s vision is to become a trusted and sustainable Indonesian company in the field of integrated construction and investment as well as being an important pillar for national economic growth, and a leader in technology-related development.


Published by PT. CFJ RASINDO Tbk

Comenditer Fhesagi Jaya atau CFJ Group, didirikan tahun 2007 sebagai perusahaan sekuritas dan menjadi perusahaan publik di Indonesia tahun 2017. Tahun 2001, CFJ Group melakukan ekspansi di bidang media dan merambah bisnis entertainment hospitality tahun 2021. Saat ini CFJ Group merupakan grup investasi terkemuka di Indonesia dengan 4 bisnis strategis: Media, Jasa Kontruksi, Entertainment Hospitality, Industri dan Digital lainnya. CFJ Group mengemban visi menjadi pilar penting pertumbuhan ekonomi nasional dan menjadi pelopor pengembangan teknologi.

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